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Love this food blog. Some serious biking caveats in this post! And another argument in favor of team wear-a-helmet. Also, I still say that getting doored is one of the worst bike accidents that can happen. Glad she made it out relatively unscathed!


It’s a cliché, I know. But it only came to be one because it’s got some grain of truth in it. I’ve always tried to be the tough-it-up and carry on type; things may happen that bum you out, or drag you down, but if you can’t change it than you can’t dwell on it. I may not always follow this tried-and-true policy, but I do my damnedest.

On Wednesday life handed me a big ‘ole bowl of lemons in the form of a quickly opened car door on a busy Brooklyn avenue. I was cycling with a friend to the beach when someone blindly opened their passenger-side door into my lane. I hit the door, flew over it, and slammed into a parked minivan. I’m thanking my lucky stars that my injuries are limited to minor scrapes and bruising, and that I was wearing my trusted helmet. Had I…

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New Amsterdam Bicycle Show 2012

The Hub is going to be putting on another bike fashion show! Go to the New Amsterdam Bike Show website to find out more. The fashion show is on saturday at 2pm. Hope to see you there!

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…The fear of words, and the title for our first event. On the night of TUESDAY JULY 6TH, Hudson Urban Bicycles will be transformed into a West Village salon, hosting the first of its bi-monthly open mic nights. The theme of the evening is fears and phobias. Poetry reading, storytelling, (acoustic) music making, and sharing in any form or medium is welcome, so long as it applies to the theme. For those who would like to participate, there’s no need to sign up ahead of time, but please do arrive slightly early. Entry to this first event is free, and we’re working on getting free wine and beer as well. Please RSVP on Facebook so that we have enough for everyone. Come share, listen to your artistic neighbors, and meet new people! …all amongst our beautiful bikes.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 6th at 8:30 PM

WHERE: Hudson Urban Bicycles, 139 Charles Street

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The Hub Log launched eight months ago when George Bliss and the HUB team got together and decided to host a bicycle fashion show. The blog was meant to chronicle our efforts to create the show, and the philosophy behind it– that bicycling is a viable and fashionable mode of transport for every New York commuter. Bike Style’s happy success was soon followed by the sad news of the HUB’s closure, but in May the HUB opened in its new location at 139 Charles and has since been doing as well as it ever had on Morton Street. So we’re back, and we’re stepping it up a notch.

We have a new website, created by a new addition to the HUB team, Lori Samsel. I’m also going to update the blog with new photos and more orderly pages. We’re looking into selling clothing in the store. George keeps saying that we’ll get solar panels to power the now electricity-free shop (I hope it happens!). Mostly, we’re talking about how we can use our space in the service of the community. We want to host movie screenings, start reading groups, host fundraisers and art shows, talk about how bikes fit into the future of urban commuting. So here’s the space to voice your opinion and to share your ideas. Comment, discuss, brainstorm. Let us know what you would like to see.

Now, in the absence of Bike Style, the Hub Log must serve a new purpose. This will be the place to learn about our events, and to document the community that is forming around the HUB. But it can be more than that. Kaveri and I are talking about creating short videos with one of our mechanics, Steve Bike, with tips on how to fix your own bike. We want to do short profiles of our customers, and maybe share NYC biking news. Comment on that as well! And stay tuned; this is going to be a full summer.


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The Great Return

Hudson Urban Bicycles is re-opening in a new West Village location.  Come visit us at 139 Charles Street, on the corner of Washington.  Our hours are 9am to 8pm.

Regular HubLog updates to be coming soon!

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Check out this post on Good.is, “Outlier bikeware suits the city and the office” on Outlier bike clothing, which was featured in our October bicycle fashion show:

Click here to go to the site.

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To get from place to place in this city, it seems you’re either all alone on your own two feet or you’re negotiating a crown on the system/subway. I feel lucky to find a moment to breathe, never mind bike. A few moments fused in sweet intimacy with a bike sounds great, but I doubt a bike is just going to pop into my life and beg me to ride it.

So one inbox morning, I get a request from Kate Goldwater (auh20designs.com). Do I want to be in friend’s bike fashion show?

Sounds fun, right?

I walked over to the West Village for the fitting, and immediately catch the perfect biker’s outfit. A black felt fitted jacket with a tough slanted zipper and a matching black skirt. Set with a proper dark english cap and velvet boots, and I’ve got a match. I’m assigned to swan silver bike, called “The Diva”, which I’m instructed to step into, gracefully.

I try my best.

I haven’t actually ridden a bike since middle school, but asking to sample a store’s equipment around the block is an inappropriate moment for cowardice.

As I pedal out the door, I’m struck by laughter, and the thought; I did not think this would be happening today.

“Watch out!” I yell to a group of businessmen passing by, “Boldly inexperienced biker. Don’t really know how to stop”.

“That’s a nice outfit” calls out a guy across the street.

“Thanks,” I reply, “It’s not mine”.

“The bike, too?” he says.

“Yeah,” I chatter, enthusiastically, “It’s called “The Diva”. It’s from this really cool bike shop around the corner. The Urban Hub…or something…I mean, it’s right nearby…… They’re having a bike fashion show.”

“So, you’re one of the models?” he asks.

“Yeah. My name is Mona. What’s yours?”

“George,” he replies, “I own the bike store”.

“Ah…..” I say, “I guess I’ll catch you inside. Can I keep riding riding around the block then?”
Mona Asinovski

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