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Lindsi, Julia, and George checking out some runway shots.

Lindsi, Julia, and George checking out some runway shots.

The fashion show is just over a week away and it’s time to get some clothes.  Today Lindsi, Julia, and George went over to Reiss on Bleeker Street to pick out the pieces we’ll be featuring in our show.  By no means is Reiss a store that sells bike clothes.  One  mannequin wore black pants and a black button-down vest with a cream tie underneath.  Its shiny white hand rested on the left grip of one of our Biria track bikes.  Bike and clothes together were on display, the bike slightly altering the meaning of the clothes and the clothes slightly altering the meaning of the bike.

Reiss may not sell bike clothes, but they do sell clothes that are good for bicycling.  Lindsi showed me one coat that will be in the show, flipping it around to point out the buttons down the back.  A biker could just undo the buttons before riding and the coat would fit normally instead of bunching up around the stomach.  “Would we ride in this?” is what Julia and Lindsi asked each other as they considered the different clothes Reiss offered.

George was more excited about getting one of Reiss’ mannequins in our shop.  “I want this mannequin with these clothes,” he said to Julia.  The mannequins should arrive at Hudson Urban Bicycles sometime this week.

The next step?  Securing models, and figuring out which outfits they’ll wear.  Monday’s the fitting, so stay tuned.


Bicycle-friendly coat


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