Love this food blog. Some serious biking caveats in this post! And another argument in favor of team wear-a-helmet. Also, I still say that getting doored is one of the worst bike accidents that can happen. Glad she made it out relatively unscathed!


It’s a cliché, I know. But it only came to be one because it’s got some grain of truth in it. I’ve always tried to be the tough-it-up and carry on type; things may happen that bum you out, or drag you down, but if you can’t change it than you can’t dwell on it. I may not always follow this tried-and-true policy, but I do my damnedest.

On Wednesday life handed me a big ‘ole bowl of lemons in the form of a quickly opened car door on a busy Brooklyn avenue. I was cycling with a friend to the beach when someone blindly opened their passenger-side door into my lane. I hit the door, flew over it, and slammed into a parked minivan. I’m thanking my lucky stars that my injuries are limited to minor scrapes and bruising, and that I was wearing my trusted helmet. Had I…

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New Amsterdam Bicycle Show 2012

The Hub is going to be putting on another bike fashion show! Go to the New Amsterdam Bike Show website to find out more. The fashion show is on saturday at 2pm. Hope to see you there!


Tomorrow night (Thursday the 29th) the HUB is hosting the book launch of The Narrows, the debut novel of m. craig, longtime HUB employee (and your friendly HubLogger). The event is from 9pm-11pm, with a reading at 10pm. Copies of the book will be available for $10 and refreshments will be served throughout the night. Your favorites from the HUB family will be there, so come by and say hi!

Here’s a link to the facebook event page.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising, amid stories of bikers being ticked for riding with a bag on their handlebars and riding outside of a bike lane (both of which are perfectly legal), that a cop would try to ticket someone for riding a bike while wearing a skirt (also perfectly legal), but exactly that happened to Jasmijn Rijcken this past May. Jasmijn was in New York for the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show and to swing by the HUB, where we sell her stylishly spacey VANMOOF bikes. Her story as since been covered by the New York Press, Streetsblog, and the Village Voice. In support of Jasmijn and our many skirt-wearing customers, the HUB is teaming up with the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show to host a skirt ride this Thursday. The ride starts at the HUB, at 139 Charles St, at 6.30 and circles back to the bike shop for a party afterwards.Bikes will be provided by the HUB for anyone who needs one. Attend our event and get more information on Facebook. Ladies, wear your skirts proud! Gents, come and show your support!

In his Bike Blog on Guardian.co.uk, Matt Seaton writes on the intersection of the NYPD “ticketing blitz” against bikers and New York’s bike lane issues

“If there is a link, it is that both affairs have a “culture wars” dimension as New York adjusts to a new idea of itself and of cycling’s role in the life of the city.”

Dogs on Bikes!

I have a feeling quite a few of you are going to love this


This one’s from the latest issue of New York Magazine. It’s a bit long, but worth the read. Click here to go to the article. Also- I want to point out that in the picture they use with this article, the two bikers are aggressively positioned on a road bike and track bike. Might there be a case for upright bikes?

Bike Lane News

Check out this article in the New York Times today, about a lawsuit aiming to remove another Brooklyn bike lane.

“The lawsuit, filed on Monday in State Supreme Court in Brooklyn, comes after a year of dueling petitions, pamphlets and rallies over a bike path installed by the city last summer along Prospect Park West.”

Check out the Times’ Style section’s “Bicycle Chic Gains Speed,” which features the HUB and a lot of our classy merch.

This Saturday is our first annual Downtown Upright Bicycle ride! Join Bicycle for a Day, Hudson Urban Bicycles, and PUMA bikes on a tour of downtown Manhattan. Cruise along city streets and bicycle lanes on a twilight ride to celebrate upright bike culture. Enjoy the free post ride barbecue and check out the new line-up from puma-bikes.com.

Meet at Hudson Urban Bicycles 139 Charles St. 4PM

Ride leaves at 5PM sharp on Saturday September 18, 2010

The first 125 riders to RSVP get free food and drink! So RSVP here ASAP