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It shouldn’t be all that surprising, amid stories of bikers being ticked for riding with a bag on their handlebars and riding outside of a bike lane (both of which are perfectly legal), that a cop would try to ticket someone for riding a bike while wearing a skirt (also perfectly legal), but exactly that happened to Jasmijn Rijcken this past May. Jasmijn was in New York for the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show and to swing by the HUB, where we sell her stylishly spacey VANMOOF bikes. Her story as since been covered by the New York Press, Streetsblog, and the Village Voice. In support of Jasmijn and our many skirt-wearing customers, the HUB is teaming up with the New Amsterdam Bicycle Show to host a skirt ride this Thursday. The ride starts at the HUB, at 139 Charles St, at 6.30 and circles back to the bike shop for a party afterwards.Bikes will be provided by the HUB for anyone who needs one. Attend our event and get more information on Facebook. Ladies, wear your skirts proud! Gents, come and show your support!


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